Our Services


Reimbursement and Pricing

• Preparation of reimbursement submissions for:

• Original product, biosimilar product, generic product

• New active substance / medicinal product / combination medicine

• New strength / pharmaceutical form / package size / package form

• Extension of reimbursement status

• Preparation of hospital reimbursement list submissions

• Renew reimbursement application

• Local pricing consultation and analysis


Cost-efficiency analyses

• Adaption of global health economic models (CEA, CUA, cost-minimization)

• Preparation of cost-efficiency models

• Budget impact analysis


Market Assessment

• Market research (desktop research, interviews with specialists, interviews

    with authorities)

• Local statistics

• Market opportunity assessment


Regulatory Affairs

• Regulatory submissions

• Notifications for Medical Devices and Food Supplements

• Review and updates/approvals of product information

• Approval and review of promotional materials

• Acting as MA Applicant in National Procedure

• Harmonization of regulatory documents/submissions on Baltic level

• Clinical Trial Applications

• Pharmacovigilance


Mediation & Support

• Empowering local negotiations with authorities, health care specialists, and

    patient organizations

• Consulting and supporting during reimbursement negotiations or market

    entry discussions


Medical devices

• Medical device applications

• Preparation of medical device reimbursement submissions

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